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We offer secure payment card processing, recurring billing, loyalty programs, mobile payments, payroll services, e-commerce and Point of Sale (POS).

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Your hometown provider for Heartland Payment Systems, the leader in merchant services.

Meet Perryn Holtrop

If you are looking for assistance with merchant services in the Southern California area and beyond, look no further as I am your guy.

At the age of 19 years old, I started my first business while still in college. With all the things I had to endure starting a new business, I had to make time to figure out and understand the merchant services industry. The process wasn’t easy. Trying to understand if I was getting the pricing I was promised was frustrating. Now here at Heartland, I get excited when I can help a new or existing entrepreneur understand and navigate the matrix of non-transparent pricing as well as terms and agreements.

Having over 20 years of experience as a business consultant for many businesses, I’m an Entrepreneur Respectfully Serving Entrepreneurs. I will provide you the most current information in technology and compliance while ensuring your business is always a step ahead. From me, you’ll receive truly transparent pricing, fully disclosed information and knowledge to make sound decisions that will directly impact your business in a positive way—now and into the future.

My goal is to take one less thing off your plate, or maybe two, so can you can concentrate on other important aspects of your business. Providing you with the most secure payment processing technology in the industry along with reliable, efficient and cost effective solutions for payroll, gift/ loyalty card marketing, and lending. I will also serve as your trusted advisor assuring to be behind your business 110%. Your success is ultimately mine therefore I’m committed to providing your business the best solutions possible.

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Some of Our Clients


  • Vincent S.
    As a business owner, we all know the annoying calls we get on a weekly basis about credit card processing. Many times we disregard the importance of a reputable company that you can trust and knowing that they will take care of you. I believe I am working with the best processor in town and the most knowledgeable advisor. I am glad I listened to what he had to say and will definitely use him for my other businesses.
    Vincent S.
    Power Play Enterprises
  • Jeanie R.
    I had no idea I was being that underserved with my past credit card processor. You don’t know what you don’t know, but now that I do, I am so happy I switched. The customer service I am receiving is by far the biggest advantage for me and I have a local rep that checks on me from time to time. Not to mention, I was able to save a ton of money with a more transparent platform. Thank you so much!
    Jeanie R.
    Prestigious Boutique
  • Numi G.
    I have started several restaurants over the years and one of the biggest hassles is always setting up the credit card and Point of Sale systems. Now that I know I have a trusted advisor that can handle some of that for me is a blessing. The trust I have for him goes a long way and it really allows me to focus on other things. I am so happy to have such a valuable partner in my corner.
    Numi G.
    NGW Hospitality

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